Senior Machine Learning Engineer

Job description

Geckomatics is a fast-growing startup that is changing the world of mapping. We created a custom camera based and AI powered mobile mapping system that helps cities update their maps. From litter to traffic sign mapping, we help cities to become a better version of themselves.

In contrast with existing mapping providers, we don't use LiDAR to position the world. Instead, we rely on depth estimation techniques through computer vision, combining classic technologies and modern Deep Learning . For this exciting challenge, we are looking for a Senior Machine Learning Engineer to join our Antwerp office in the Spaces Co-working space in Post X, conveniently located next to the Berchem train station (or from home during Corona lock down ;). 

Expected start: July 1st, 2020.


  • Experience of working in a growing product startup and an agile development team

  • Terabytes of data and the computing resources to play with it

  • Flexible work schedule & work from home

  • An education budget for online courses

  • Fair compensation


  • Solve exciting challenges processing huge amounts of mapping data

  • Read papers, design cool algorithms and push the state of the art in computer vision algorithms to a new level

  • Improve our mapping algorithms by working on Kalman filters, depth estimation,...

  • Take ownership of the mapping side of our product, translating customer requests into product features

  • Work with 3D point clouds to develop complex mapping insights such as tree measurements (i.e. trunk diameter)

  • And much more!

Job requirements


  • Solid software engineering skills. You're not just any Data Scientist, you're an engineer first!

  • Fluent in Python and its machine learning toolkits

  • Strong analytical mind and extensive knowledge of machine learning.
    A Random Forest is not just a forest to you.

  • Experience with Deep Learning and PyTorch or Keras/TensorFlow.
    Inception, RCNN, COCO. Movies? DJs? You know better!

  • Ability to work independently with a positive and inquisitive (R&D-oriented) mindset

  • Full professional fluency in English


  • Knowledge of signal processing & filtering (i.e. Kalman & Particle filters), especially applied to IMU sensor data

  • Experience with photogrammetry

  • Confident with deploying your code to production in a CI/CD environment: Docker, Kubernetes, Google Cloud Platform, Github Actions,...